So… 2020, eh?

It’s been a weird one so far, hasn’t it? And we are literally only halfway through. And when I say literally, you know I literally mean literally. There’s no figuratively about it. No metaphors, no hyperbole. I think we can all agree on the general, pervasive weirdness of the past few months.

It’s been a bit like that book about the bear hunt. We can’t go round it, we’ve got to go through it…

So much has happened. So much horrible. So much wonderful. So much… well, bizarre.

If 2020 so far had been a book, any publisher would have rejected it for being far-fetched. If it had been a screenplay, it would be turned down flat for being badly plotted and completely lacking in credibility (although I’m sure we can all name at least one film that’s been a huge success despite exactly those issues!)

I didn’t get the house decorated as I had planned to do when lockdown kicked in. Mostly because of the lack of tools needed for the job, and the lack of access to them. After all, you can’t paint a house without brushes. Or rollers. Or paint.

I didn’t make the most of getting outside for exercise because my foot disowned me. So, no long runs, just medium walks. The dog has absolutely loved having both of us home. Belly-rub heaven.

However, I did take part in what was probably the first web series produced in lockdown. It’s called Containment, and I was a writer/actor in it. You can watch the entire series right here, starting with episode 1. I’m told it’s a permanent fixture, that it’s not being taken down, so watch at your leisure!


And then there’s Brighterway Life

My hubby and I started up a YouTube channel – along with probably millions of other people. But it’s something we’ve been planning for ages but never got the time to do. Then we got the time to do it, so we did it.
Here’s our blurb…

Welcome to our new YouTube channel. Please join us on our journey from a couple of unfit porkers of a certain age to… who knows? They say it’s about the journey, not the destination which is just as well as the destination might change. (hang on a minute… we’re plant-based… are we allowed to say ‘porkers’?!)

About that name… it was originally BriThérWey. Not terribly original. The first few letter of both our names plus the name of the river that used to run outside the flat where we lived. Hang on. Scratch that. The river stills runs past the flat (sometimes, it even tries to get into the flat, well, the ones downstairs at least). We just don’t live there anymore. Anyway, it seemed like a cool idea at the time, until we realised that if we changed the spelling, it would be easier for people to find us.

We’d love it if you could take a peek at our videos and  – even better – subscribe. We do simple recipes and even simpler fitness videos, plus lots of silly stuff in between. We’re also on Instagram. Check out our page. Give us a follow!

So what’s up next? Well, it’s partly about moving forward, and partly about picking up when 2020 left us off. There’s the coming down off the craziness of doing the web series, straight into the all-new craziness of prepping two shorts, a feature, a book 3, starting a new series off, researching book 3 of another, the YouTube channel, interviews & you know, general life stuff.

The short films – one, Lagan,  is a picking-up-where-we-left-off, and it’s all getting very close now. The other kind of emerged during Lockdown and suddenly it’s all go! Thank heavens for Zoom, that’s all I can say.

The feature – Aurora – some very exciting stuff starting to happen again with that!

The books – well, I’m working on both book 3 of the Everyday Vampire series. Watch out for some gorgeous new covers. Plus there’s book 3 of the Dominic saga, which will be out next year.
Yes, I know I said that book 2,  Fortior Concordia would answer a lot of questions, but I never said that it wouldn’t throw up a whole load more! Anyway, if you want to get a sneak peek at the cover of the new book – and find out what it’s called – then you only need to wait until next month when all will be revealed in an exclusive interview I’m doing with  PJ Berman of

And then of course, there’s that new series I’m planning. I don’t like doing the ‘if you like…’ thing (even though I did that with First Impressions, but hey, how else could I have described it?!), but without giving too much away, let’s just say that it you liked the books about young wizards (which my main characters aren’t) and films about heroic archaeologists that are constantly getting into trouble over ancient artefacts (which they do), plus a healthy dose of myths and legends (namely the Mabinogion), then the Dyfi Drake (pronounced Dovey) books may just be your new binge read…

And now, I guess I better get on with all that writing. Them books won’t write themselves. Well, not totally, anyway!


next time…

  • tension vs. atmosphere  … I can hardly wait…
  • What I found during Lockdown – an update on really useful things…

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“What could possibly go wrong?”

Okay, I realise just by using that phrase as a title, I’ve inevitably doomed this post in some way. But a good writer needs to be aware of clichés in order to a) avoid them b) put their own spin on them or c) jump in with both feet and use them with abandon because it makes life easier (whilst simultaneously – potentially – spoiling their writing and their credibility).

Perhaps I should clarify. A while back (3 years, actually), I did a post on cliches that are so common, they’re almost obligatory. But it didn’t end there. Oh no.

Recently, the above title’s temptage of fate has since gone beyond mere cliché and entered the hallowed halls of cliché self-awareness. Nowadays, when a character says some variation of the above statement, another will leap in to chastise said character for their blatant invitation to Fate to knock seven shades out of them. And Fate always obliges.

As in…

A: What could possibly go wrong?
B: Shut up! Don’t say that!
A: What? What did I say?
B: You’ve just jinxed us.

Cue anything and everything disastrous.

So here are some more. And I’ve even made them into a handy bingo card for you to use on your next movie night.
Here goes…

The non-obvious obvious silence.

Simply put…

A: Shh! Can you hear that?
B: What? I can’t hear anything.
A: Exactly.

Because it’s way more tension-building than the character just saying “Wow. Quiet, isn’t it?”


The volcano snog

Two characters have been bickering the whole time, building up into a nose-to-nose shouting match, culminating in… a right hook? No, an equally explosive spontaneous power kiss, although I imagine their teeth will sustain about the same amount of damage.


Techno throwback

Timescale in flashbacks often features technology. You’ll usually find a computer or a mobile phone quite prominently featured. For example. It’s the 00s – there’ll be a brightly coloured iMac (usually the orange or turquise one) somewhere. Prior to this era, you’ll see a computer monitor that’s basically a big cube. Mobile phones will go from being house bricks to tiny doll-house sized things and back to big but flat.


The neck-cruncher

When a baddie is just warming up for some destruction (or they’ve successfully finished a bout of mayhem), they roll their head, accompanied by a cringingly grim cracking noise. Seriously, see a chiropractor. Or an osteopath. Do some yoga. Take some glucosamine, for goodness’ sake.

(It used to be knuckles cracking, but that seems to have fallen out of favour. However, double points if the baddie does both. But even so, get yourself some Voltarol or Deep Heat or something!)


It’s alive!

The camera focuses on someone’s sleeping/dead face. If it’s a comedy or a drama, they’ll open their eyes slowly. If it’s action or horror, their eyes will shoot open, usually accompanied by a strident chord or two.



The baddie says to the hero/ine in their final battle, “We’re a lot alike, you and I.”
It’s usually when the hero/ine is at a low ebb, before finally summoning the will / strength / weaponry to kick every last square inch of the baddie’s backside.


The quick peck/slow snog

The introvert’s version of the Volcano Snog. Usually somewhere towards the end – the (usually nerdy/geeky) main character, unable to hold back any longer, gives the object of their affection a quick, impulsive, now-or-never smacker. Their eyes meet. There’s a meaningful pause.  Oh no! Have I misread the situation? No, because the kissee plants a full-on kiss on the kisser which lasts long enough to border on being uncomfortable for everyone watching.

Here’s that bingo card for you. Happy playing!


A worthy mention should go to these…

The ticking time bomb of predictability 

Once upon a time, whenever a character defused a bomb, the Countdown would always stop with mere seconds to go. If the person in question just happened to be a certain British secret agent, it was generally halted with 0:07 left on the timer. This has now been replaced with the countdown continuing, but only when it hits 0:00 and everyone still has all their bits intact do we know that the character has been successful.


Oh, the irony!

Writers in films/tv always used to have writers block. Now they have existential crises. On top of the writers block. And an obsession with coffee… or am I getting confused with real life again..? It happens.


The brunch club

In school dramas/comedies, there’s always the jock, the nerd, the awkward one & the princess. But now, the jock has a sensitive side, the nerd becomes a risk-taker, the awkward one becomes brave & the princess develops empathy. Or some such arrangement. It’s almost like, you know, they’re, like, not two-dimensional. Like…

Anything I’ve missed? Of course there is! Leave it in the comments!

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

As I’ve said before, while being a writer may seem like a lonely old profession in some ways, when you look at the bigger picture, it really isn’t. Bear with me…

(autocorrect wanted to say bare with me, but that’s a whole different thing… and we really don’t want to go there)


If you’re an author…

If you’re a screenwriter/playwright…

Let’s start by getting one very old chestnut out of the way.

There is no ‘Iin team.”

How many times have you heard that one?

I believe that there are several ‘I’s in team.





You can see where I’m going with this. I bet you can come up with at least five in the next minute or so. Feel free to leave them in the comments!

So here are a few teamwork-appropriate words that do have an ‘I’ in them.

MERAKI – the Greek word for taking on a task with a creative outlook, for leaving a little bit of yourself in your work.

Ooh, I think the wonderful Mr Wilde had something to say on that topic…


MUDITAa Sanskrit noun, meaning to delight in the joy of others, to have vicarious happiness. It’s pretty much the opposite of Schadenfreude.

NUNCHIa Korean word describing the ability to gauge other people’s mood, to be able to read the situation or individual, and react/adapt appropriately.
Not to be confused with kimchi, a delicious concoction of fermented vegetables. Imagine coleslaw and sauerkraut having a spicy baby…


A team is only as fast as its slowest member.

This sounds very team-oriented and nunchi-like, but chances are you’ll only hear that if you happen to be the slowest member of the team. I’m speaking as the person who was the perennial booby prize during team-picking for PE lessons at school!

But what if that wasn’t the case? A team is only as good as its cohesion. It’s not about speed. It’s about being on the same page.

If you’re an author, how many people are involved in the process of getting your book into the reader’s hands? Beta readers, editors, an agent (next on my ‘list of acquisitions’ – that didn’t sound quite so creepy in my head), a publisher, et cetera.

But your words don’t always end their journey on the printed page or screen. Obviously, if you’re a screenwriter or playwright, you have an additional team who take those words off the paper/e-reader and put it onto the big/small screen/stage. If you want to get an idea of how many (even with a short film) check out my IMDb page (linked below).

In conclusion?

Okay, so maybe there’s no literal ‘I’ in ‘team’, but there is in ‘nunchi. Come to think of it, there’s also a ‘U’.

U & I.



next time…

  • Catching up
  • News

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NEW! “Containment”


*** EDIT ***

Here’s that link…


Edit 19/5 – episodes are released every Tuesday and Friday at 5pm.



For once, I’m actually early with a post. That’s because my inner 8-year-old has gotten a bit excited about something.

Today, at 5pm (GMT), you can watch the 1st episode of a brand new web-based show called “Containment“. We think it’s (probably) the very first drama series to be filmed during lockdown. I know there have been loads of quiz shows and chat shows, but so far, I haven’t seen any actual dramas.

All the actors filmed themselves at home, and what a brilliant bunch they all are. It’s been so important to stay busy, to stay active, but above all – stay safe. So if you want to brighten your day with this unique story, grab yourself a cuppa (each episode will be 10 minutes or less) and click on the link.


It was created by Anna Oliver. I co-wrote. It’s directed by the amazing Adam Spinks, with Natalie Cox doing some superb editing. It stars a variety of awesome people including Abigail King (Like Glass, Imagineer), Toby Oliver (The Split), Anna Marie Everett (The Durrells) and there are more and more actors joining up every day. I’m even in there – see if you can spot me!

I don’t want to give anything away, so I’m going to play safe here by quoting the director…

“The show has been created entirely from everybody’s homes and follows a rich mix of diverse, crazy and colourful characters as they adjust to life inside of a fictional lockdown situation! We’ll see their daily lives, their video diaries and so much more as their stories unfold!”

So, you now have the link to the first episode of this unique soap!

*** EDIT 10/5 ***

Here’s just a couple of the comments on episode 1 – no spoilers!


Episode 2 will be screening next Wednesday. Please spread the word! Share, like, comment – all the things.

Until then…

Stay home.

Log on.

Zone out.



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Running with an idea

I mentioned running a while ago.  Let’s er, run with the analogy a bit longer…

No Olympic track star was born running.  It’s a truism to say that you have to walk before you can run, but it’s definitely the case when your ultimate goal is to fly. #LifeGoals, as they say.

To digress slightly (but only slightly), why do some people not take up running?

Because perhaps they see a marathon as the obvious first step? It’s literally small steps though, isn’t it? With crossing the finishing line as the ultimate goal. And then a gold medal becomes the new ultimate goal. Although more likely, there are lots of smaller ‘ultimate‘ goals in between.

Does one embrace the fait accompli, or the heretofore untapped potential? One is only the launchpad for the second.

And that forms the basis for any individual’s training, no matter where they started out at.



“I could never be a runner.” I’ve heard people say, “I can barely run 100 m. Maybe, yes, for now, but like a lot of things, that is only your starting point. Just do your best. After all, you can’t do anyone else’s best – and that goes for anything, really.

Every runner knows the only “best” they have to beat is their own. I was surprised to discover one day that the acronym PB refers to Personal Best, and not (as I’d hoped) to Peanut Butter.

It makes sense in the long run.


next time…

  • Teamwork makes the dream work – you’re never alone
  • Catching up

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Karen’s Book Buzz: The Ghosts Of Little Cocking

Today, I’m handing the reins over to the awesome Karen’s Book Buzz, who features The Ghosts Of Little Cocking, which is released next Wednesday!!
It’s available for pre-order from Bagsy your copy of this “lighthearted comedy with a touch of the spookies” TODAY!

(Plus, for now, it’s only 99p!)

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Magic Reviews


A role to die for…

Everyone wants to be a movie star. When indie director Darton Jellicoe heads off to Little Cocking Manor to film his life’s opus, he doesn’t count on the interventions of a pair of actors from days gone by. While one longs to be in the limelight once again, the other does his level best to ensure the production doesn’t have a ghost of a chance…

Buy link
Read link
ebook release date: 8th April 2020

Author biog

Thérésa Hedges is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and novelist. Tending towards the eclectic, she has a particular fondness for writing science fiction, horror, and humour. She has so far had 7 novels published, mostly set in her native Wales.

Her first novel, “Our Little Miracle” is a cautionary tale about the role genetics plays in our everyday lives and how science can be manipulated to meet many…

View original post 493 more words

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What’s new, pussycat? (Cover reveal!)

First of all, I hope everyone is keeping well. Things seem to have gone from nought to weird very quickly.

It feels somewhat awkward and even disrespectful saying this – but I  guess whatever can continue as normal, should continue as normal… Anyway, as I said some time ago, the latest book is coming out next month. It was always going to be released on the 8th April (it’s a private joke, but I’m daft like that), so it’s just u fortunate that now is, well, now.  I know a lot more people, may be stuck at home (I’m one of them) and are getting into their To Be Read list, but that’s nothing to do with why I chose this date.

I suppose I better start with the cover reveal…



It’s spooky. It’s silly.  As one reader said:

“What a fun ride..! Light-hearted comedy with a touch of the spookies.”

Anyway, The Ghosts Of Little Cocking is released on the 8th April in ebook (and hopefully paperback too, if the fates allow), and is currently available for pre-order from Amazon. Click here to get your copy! It’s only £1.99. Grab yourself a copy for less than the price of a mocha-choco-latte-ya-ya.

And in other, trying-to-focus-on-positive-things news, Book 3 of the Dominic Saga is under way. I decided to put the release date back to 2021. There’s other projects on the go and to be honest, I really don’t want to rush it. I’ve seen too many times what happens when writers rush to get the next book out. Sorry, readers. Y’all gotta learn some patience, is all.

Like Glass had its premiere and can currently  be seen on YouTubeVimeo amongst others. The good news is – there’s a feature film version in the works.

Aurora is finally finished, and is at that stage. You know… that one. Redrafting.

There’s also some shiny new covers for the Everyday Vampire books – but more about that another time.


next time…                                                                             

  • Running with an idea
  • Teamwork makes the dream work

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2k a day keeps the deadline at bay

One bit of advice I keep hearing.

“You must write every day. Doesn’t matter if it’s complete rubbish.”

Now, if anyone gives me advice and starts  off with the words you must, then you can be pretty sure I will do the opposite. In fact, the best way to get me to sit down is to tell me to stand up.

The other one is very similar – it involves writing 2000 words every day.

Anyone who’s done NaNoWriMo knows only too well what that one’s like.

This could be a great idea if you’re just inclined that way. However if you’re not the sort of person who can write 2000 words a day, you could easily end up beating yourself up over it. You don’t want to push yourself and end up hating it. For instance the first time I went running I sprinted for 10 minutes and as my life flashed before my eyes, I started thinking that perhaps running wasn’t for me.

The problem was, I pushed myself too far straight out of the gate. I learned very quickly after that to build myself up to it. The issue in that moment was that I was in great danger of feeling like a complete failure because I couldn’t sprint for 10 minutes without wondering whether I had a decent life insurance policy or not. Also, I started thinking that I hated running and that I never wanted to do it again.

Writing, as with exercise, is not something you want to push yourself too much all the time because it will put you off. And once you have been put off, you don’t want the risk of not wanting to have another go.

Random, self-interrupting question…  all the ‘I hate Monday‘ memes I keep seeing on Twitter… now, from people who hate their jobs but love having a roof over their heads, food & heating etc – that I get. But writers? Why do you hate Mondays? I love Mondays. Monday means I can get back to writing. Do other writers hate Monday for the same reason? Then why write? Or… is it that, in some cases, the need to return to a day job is taking them away from their writing? That, I also get.



Push yourself, by all means, but remember, as with most things we learn, it’s always going to be a gradual process.

So what did I do with the running? I built myself up gradually. And now, on days when I don’t feel like running, I do something else. But I do something. I don’t sit on my backside watching daytime TV and mainlining chocolate bars.

Tempting though it may be…

Similarly, with writing, if there’s a day when I don’t feel like writing (let’s face it, that practically never happens – ask my husband) but say that on a particular day, I don’t want to work on a particular project. Rather than push myself to work on that project that day and run the risk of putting myself off working on it at all (First Impressions, anyone ha ha), then I simply work on something else, or I do some editing.

Or proofreading.

Or rewriting.

Or I play with software/sites I’ve found

You get the idea.


next time…

  • What’s new, Pussycat?
  • Running with an idea

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The 9+ links you can’t live without!

Right, I said I’d do this…

I shared some amazingly useful links just before Christmas, and here they are again! Obviously, I’ve edited things a bit because sharing a post with a Christmas title in February just isn’t done!

I won’t get all waffly this time. I’ll cut the clebran and get to the good stuff.

And here we go…

In no particular order of brilliance.

(I should point out, I’m not sponsored by any of these guys haha! But, you know, if you’re out there… seeing this…) – I’m fairly sure it was someone from my publishers that drew my attention to this one. This is an absolute Aladdin’s Cave of wonderful things. It’s a site full of applets, which you can use to do anything from schedule repeating posts, allowing Instagram pictures to be automatically shared on other platforms (as actual pictures, mind, not just links), to helping you control your heating and telling you when you need to have a drink of water. Just check it out… / – these two are an amazing source for free images. You can also upload your own. I’ve got a few on there. I’ve used them on a few occasions for building book covers. I’ve also recently discovered which looks pretty neat too. – This site is a one-stop kind of place for creating pretty much anything. Posters, banners, book covers, calendars, Instagram posts, Twitter posts, greetings cards, postcards… it’s only limited by your imagination, as the cliché goes. Well, it could be slightly hampered by the fact that there are some templates/images etc that aren’t free, but to be honest, there’s a whole ton of stuff you can do without ever sticking your hand in your pocket (the paid-for stuff does look pretty good, though!). This is where I got the picture for the header image above.

DIY Book Covers – indispensable for creating adverts with realistic photos of books. Just load in a flat image of your book cover, and it’ll create a 3D version of it, or a combination of formats, like this…

EDV cover shot

By the way, watch this space, because the Diary Of An Everyday Vampire series is due for a revamp (ouch!) soon – and you can bet Canva is going to be involved! And talking of which… You can then use the image in things like Canva to create posts like the one below.

The Dominic Saga – Fed up of your book link looking like utter gobbledy-gook? You’ve got your amazing looking cover, really professional blurb, and then it all goes down the pan when you share your link, which is a string of letters and numbers that absolutely nobody will remember. You can use it to make easy-to-remember (well, easier) links.

For example, the link for the latest Dominic Book is

Snazzy, eh? Just trips off the tongue. Like a brick. Anyhoo… Using this website, it becomes Much easier, I think.

It will also track how many hits each link gets, including where in the world the click has come from! – this another site that helps your link look like actual human language. You can pop a piece of gobbledy-gook in one end and get a sensible-looking link pop out the other end.

Example – the Vimeo link to Like Glass, the film I wrote is Memorable, eh? Pop it into Bitly, and you can customise it whichever way you want. I went for

Better, don’t you think?

P.S. – Please feel free to watch, like & share the above – or any – links. And (I’m being cheeky now) if you’d like to leave a comment on the film – here’s the YouTube link. You can only leave a comment on the Vimeo page if you have an account there, I think…

And after that shameless plug… Back to the books.

Bitly can be used in conjunction with another rather neat thing. Did you know you can create a link which will take prospective readers to a freebie chunk of your book?

Just use this: & add the ASIN number on.

I’ll stick with the latest book in the Dominic Saga for this one… The ASIN for Fortior Concordia is B07R81XM5Z

Here it is with a space separating the two bits so you can see what it looks like. B07R81XM5Z

Now, the thing is, last time, I put the two parts together, and all you could see was the book cover as a link, but I’ll give it another go.

Okay, it’s still doing it.


Pop all that into bitly, and I was able to choose something far simpler…

And I didn’t forget this one this time (for obvious reasons) – very useful when using and you’re using an applet that can also post a photo or graphic. This site will give you a code that will translate into the picture when the post gets er, posted.

For example,  I copied and pasted a recent link I created using, and this is what has popped up!


And here’s a bonus one… I’m sure you’ve seen all the “Batman slapping Robin” memes… Well, this handy site allows you to create your own memes!

Screenshot 2020-02-19 13.28.23

There you go…

Have fun.

Be sure to like, comment, and share the heck out of these – they’re too good not to!



next time…

  • 2K a day keeps the deadlines at bay
  • What’s new, pussycat?

Feel free to check out all the other places where I lurk…

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LIKE GLASS release!

Just a really, really short post today. Basically because I’m really, really excited about something and the big kid in me has to blurt it out. And when I say the ‘big kid’ in me, I basically mean me, full stop.

I wrote Like Glass about 2 years ago.

After a very successful run at film festivals around the world (which garnered the film numerous awards – including one for my screenplay), it’s back home! On the 12th (this Wednesday just gone), it was premiered on the FilmShortage website. And today (the 14th), it’s released on a number of platforms: Amazon Prime, Roku, YouTube, & Vimeo.

Bearing in mind that, globally, 63.9 million homes have Amazon Prime, while 27 million have Roku (not to mention how many have access to YouTube & Vimeo!) that’s a lot of people. Fingers crossed you’re one of them!

Here’s an article about Like Glass from John Locke‘s independent film website.


9C38D732-FEEF-4DE7-99CC-2863DDC6A05CTo read the rest of this article, click here.

And here’s that all important link to watch the film itself…



There’s been so many lovely comments already, one of these being the heartening  “I dare you not to cry!!” The sentiment has been echoed by a few, saying things like:

Watched this morning was totally gripped.


I watched this too earlier today. Powerful and gripping stuff. For me a good film is one that makes you think 💭. Awesome 👏



And yes, the YouTube blurb does let a certain cat out of a certain bag…

Anyway, I just wanted to say how pleased and proud I am of this film (like you hadn’t already guessed). Please watch, share, like, comment… you know, all the things.

If you can leave a review, even better!

I’ll shut up now, so you can go see the film for yourself…

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