LIKE GLASS release!

Just a really, really short post today. Basically because I’m really, really excited about something and the big kid in me has to blurt it out. And when I say the ‘big kid’ in me, I basically mean me, full stop.

I wrote Like Glass about 2 years ago.

After a very successful run at film festivals around the world (which garnered the film numerous awards – including one for my screenplay), it’s back home! On the 12th (this Wednesday just gone), it was premiered on the FilmShortage website. And today (the 14th), it’s released on a number of platforms: Amazon Prime, Roku, YouTube, & Vimeo.

Bearing in mind that, globally, 63.9 million homes have Amazon Prime, while 27 million have Roku (not to mention how many have access to YouTube & Vimeo!) that’s a lot of people. Fingers crossed you’re one of them!

Here’s an article about Like Glass from John Locke‘s independent film website.


9C38D732-FEEF-4DE7-99CC-2863DDC6A05CTo read the rest of this article, click here.

And here’s that all important link to watch the film itself…



There’s been so many lovely comments already, one of these being the heartening  “I dare you not to cry!!” The sentiment has been echoed by a few, saying things like:

Watched this morning was totally gripped.


I watched this too earlier today. Powerful and gripping stuff. For me a good film is one that makes you think 💭. Awesome 👏



And yes, the YouTube blurb does let a certain cat out of a certain bag…

Anyway, I just wanted to say how pleased and proud I am of this film (like you hadn’t already guessed). Please watch, share, like, comment… you know, all the things.

If you can leave a review, even better!

I’ll shut up now, so you can go see the film for yourself…

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